Smolnik nad Osławą

A Uniate church from 1806, renovated in 1930 and 1973.
During the movement of the warfront in 1994, the roof and tower were damaged. On December 20
th, 1956, Roman Catholics overtook the church as a filial temple of the Komańcz parish. It is oriented, plastered and tripartite. The narthex and the chancel are part of the shape. There is a neo-baroque iconostasis from the beginning of the 19th century with rococo and classicistic ornaments. It is very architectonic, with many woodcarvings. The icons come from the time of construction of the iconostasis, but have been repainted and are not complete. The church has traits of so-called Josephian styling. The church has also recently been renovated.

In front of the church is a brick, four-sided two-floor bell dower – the first floor is plastered and from the time of the construction of the church.


The Tourist Information

Rynek 14, PL 38-500 Sanok
Opening hours:
MON - FR | 9:00 – 17:00 / 1.05. – 15. 10. winter holidays
SAT – SUN | 9:00 – 13:00

+48 13 46 445 33
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