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The Icon Trail from Sanok to Humenne” is a project being realized by two partner parties: the Sanok municipality and the City of Humenne. It is co-financed by the financial means of the European Fund of Regional Growth Interreg V-A Poland – Slovakia 2014 – 2020.” Its goal is to increase the level of balance in utilization of cultural and natural heritage by the sightseers and the local community.

The Icon Trail, created more than a decade ago in Poland and later extended to Slovakia, was an object of interest of both domestic and international tourists.

Unfortunately, since the creation, the trail has not been renewed and does not comply with the standards of marking international bike trails. Its degradation has in turn caused a fall of interest of national and international tourists, which had an impact on cultural heritage-related tourism close to the border. The region, as it is located within the borders of two European countries, is an interesting place both in terms of nature and culture. The partners are realizing improvements of the existing infrastructure of the Trail, which are conducted by renewing the missing markings. Moreover, the objects will be labeled with a modern system storing information about the objects – QR codes, which will be used by smartphones to learn more about the buildings. Other activities include: publication of traditional and electronic works (in many languages) promoting the cultural heritage of the region, putting emphasis on the objects listed as UNESCO heritage sites, modernization of the information center in Humenne, organization of: workshops dedicated to the cultural heritage of the region, an outside workshop dedicated to the artisan craftsmanship of Humenne, a festival promoting the cultural heritage of the region in Sanok, creation of a website dedicated to the Icon Trail, using GPS-coordinates and the organization of two conferences.

The partners expect the micro-project to lead to a long-term change of the awareness of the tourists and the locals regarding the cultural heritage of the region. An important expected effect is also an improvement in its reachability and gathering more information about it, which will lead to an increase in the attractiveness of the region in the eyes of both tourists and locals. An additional effect of the project is a strengthening of the partnership of the parties.

The full value of the project equals to 92 001,54 €. The share of the Sanok Municipality, as a leading partner, is over 60%. The obtained financing will cover 90% of the project (85% from the European Fund of Regional Growth, which equals to 49 740,70 € and 5% from the state budget). The contribution of the Sanok Municipality itself is only 10%.

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